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  1. Load box:
  • made of 3 mm thick sheet
  • frame and load box covered with varnish coating
  • capacity of the load box – 13 500 l (load capacity 16 tons)
  • tarpaulin roll
  • folding ladder
  • bottom of the tank lined with 12mm plastic jacket – it prevents sticking of the material to the floor and extends the life of the chain
  1.    Chassis
  • Bogie suspension – rear steering axle; tires 550/60×22,5
  • frame made of a closed section
  • przykręcany zaczep czołowy – średnica oka dyszla ø 50 mm
  • hand brake
  • screwed front coupling – diameter of the drawbar eye ø 50 mm
  • service brake – two-wire pneumatic system with 4-step braking force regulation
  • lightning installation 12V
  • adjustable support foot
  • speed construction 40km/h, operational 25km/h
  1. Spreading system width 730 mm
  • chain conveyor – uniform and constant feeding of material for sowing
  • chain widths of 730 mm, the chain crossbars accurately pull the material from the floor
  • the chain moves over a 12 mm plastic jacket lying on the bottom of the tank
  • double cleaning of the chain conveyor (on the front of the spreader and on the back when spreading on the plates) – prevents the chain from sticking
  • drive of the chain conveyor from the 3-speed transmission gearbox translating the drive from the road wheel to the chain guarantees a constant dose regardless of the speed of travel
  • hydraulically lifted gearbox makes it possible to stop the feed material on the spreading discs
  • range of the sown material from 36 kg / ha to 10000 kg / h
  • galvanized spreading discs with a diameter of 675mm with profiled fixed blades
  • spreading discs driven by hydraulic motors (requires 50l / min tractor pump capacity)
  • adjustment of the sowing width through a hydraulic-mechanical valve that controls the flow of oil for hydraulic motors driving the spreading discs or from the tractor cab with the LOW SENCE function
  • speed range of spreading discs from 0 to 1100 rpm.
  • precise adjustment of the width of the sown material – control range from 2 to 36m
  • boundary sowing valve – allows the reduction of rotation and thus the working width of the right spreading disc
  • tachometer indicating the current number of rotation of the spreading discs
  • adjustment of the amount of material sown by selecting the gear in the drive box and opening the rear discharge slide
  • automatic opening slide valve with opening range from 0 mm to 300 mm
  • 150-level scale of opening the valve with the lock
  • spread elements made of stainless steel
  1. Instrukcja obsługi z tabelami wysiewu.
  2. Warranty card
  3. Spare parts catalogue.
  4. 12 month warranty.



Ogumienie  600/50×22,5
Ogumienie 600/55×26,5
Ogumienie 710/50×26,5
Plandeka rolowana
Drabinka składana
Elementy wysiewające ze stali nierdzewnej
Hydraulicznie otwierana zasuwa wysypowa
Hydrauliczny system rozładunku
Terminal AEROS 1040 + antena GPS (tylko dla kontrolerów IC 18 oraz IC 38)
System wagowy
Skrzynia ładunkowa ze stali nierdzewnej


Uniwersalny rozsiewacz TYP UPR 16 – napęd mechaniczny

Kontroler dawki Typ łańcucha Kontrola dawki Zmienne dawkowanie Kontrola sekcji Ogumienie
Koło ostrogowe pojedynczy TAK NIE NIE 500/60×22,5


Uniwersalny rozsiewacz TYP UPR 16 – napęd hydrauliczny

Kontroler dawki Typ łańcucha Kontrola dawki Zmienne dawkowanie Kontrola sekcji Ogumienie
TJ 500 pojedynczy TAK NIE NIE 500/60×22,5
IC 18 ISOBUS (bez terminala i anteny) pojedynczy TAK TAK NIE 500/60×22,5
IC 38 ISOBUS (bez terminala i anteny) podwójny TAK TAK TAK 500/60×22,5

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